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Welcome to the page that is all about me and my writing on Tudor history. I am the author of Le Temps Viendra: a novel of Anne Boleyn, a fiction novel to be published in two volumes, and my latest book, In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn, co-authored with the lovely Natalie Grueninger from On the Tudor Trail.

I grew up on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales in England, where the rolling countryside was criss-crossed by endless dry stone walls, and where the rugged, desolate romanticism of the Moors inspired a life-long love of Nature and creative expression. Yet, in literary terms I have been a slow starter, and my apprenticeship particularly long. Although I have been writing material as diverse as plays, poems, stories and articles for almost as long as I can remember, ‘Le Temps Viendra’ is my first published work of historical fiction.

My CV certainly defies convention and records a life that has been led cultivating whatever has moved me; this, of course, has changed as I have myself have evolved over time. Thus, I came to be a historical novelist after already carving out two successful careers; first as a physician then later, in business as a leadership coach. I now enjoy managing a diverse portfolio of interests, which encompasses my passion for learning and growth, as well as my love of creative endeavour and Tudor history.

In terms of my writing, I am inspired by the life stories of strong and courageous women who defy convention; women who remained true to themselves and their sense of purpose in often incredibly trying circumstances. In writing about such women, I suspect that I crave to know more of how those qualities, which I so admire, were cultivated in the heat of a passionate existence.Yet, I also strive to Make.History.Real and so in retelling these stories, I place a strong emphasis on historical accuracy wherever possible, using the full range of sensory experience to help readers become deeply drawn into the action as it unfolds.

If you wish to find out more about the behind the scenes story of the writing of LTV, you can follow my 2013 Book Tour, 'Inside the Mind of Anne Boleyn: a Portrait of a Murdered Queen', (six posts over six consecutive days), which began here at 'On the Tudor Trail'.

Outside of my professional portfolio of work, my next love is my 7 year old dog, Milly; she keeps me sane. Her pleading looks often get me away from the computer; she certainly makes sure that her owner gets plenty of fresh air and exercise!

You can also get my interest on subjects as diverse and historical re-enactment and dancing, history and historical monuments (in general), beekeeping, archery, yoga and all matters spiritual.

What's Next?

In writing about Anne's story, I unexpectedly fell head over heels in love with the sometimes intriguing, sometimes magnificent palaces that formed the backdrop to her life. As a result, a project was conceived to co-author a non-fiction book called ‘In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn’ with Natalie Grueninger (From 'On the Tudor Trail'). This book is a guide to all the places and artefacts associated with Anne Boleyn. It was published in September 2013 by Amberley Publishing.

Keeping in Touch

If you wish to follow my writing adventures, including; updates, events, giveaways, research finds and the sharing of general highs and lows, please join me on Facebook, where I usually post on a daily basis and endeavour to answer all questions personally.You can also contact me via email.

(Please note that all technical or sales related enquires should be made directly to my publishers, Spartan Publishing for Le Temps Viendra and to Amberley Publishing for In the Footsteps)

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